Why Won't You DIE Hard!!!!!!

So another movie series keeps going.  Like a cockroach that won't die Rocky, Rambo, Fast and the Furious just won't go away!  No the Die Hard series continues...evidentally there are actually people that want to see more of Bruce Willis running around like a tough guy (the film raked in $40 million on its opening weekend).

It's getting to the point that instead of  "A Good Day to Die Hard", the newest movie shuold have been called "A Good Day to Fall and Break a Hip".  Some one please put John McClain out of his misery.  Hasn't the guy been through enough!  He goes to a Christmas party and terrorists show up, to the airport and hijackers are there, takes a trip to New York and next thing you know he's involved in a big giant bank heist!  I for one don't want be trapped in the same retirement home with him!!!!

So I hope you enjoy the new Die Hard movie if you go...but I choose to remember Bruce Willis as the guy from Moonlighting that sang "Under the Board Walk" for Seagram's!!!!