Welcome...I Think This Internet Thing Might Catch On.

As much as I have tried to avoid moving into the 21st century...trust me I love my Atari 2600, Rubiks Cube, and music with just a hint of tape hiss...I have now jumped on the blog bandwagon.

Sure, my blog will ramble on with little point...but then again, so does my weekend show her on WABX.  Just kidding.  So check back from time to time for my strange look at how the world turns and you can also check me out on twitter at @dodgerradio.

Just to get us started I pass this piece of info along for you today.

So Tiger Woods is playing the Masters...the first time he's played in public with a club since (insert sexual pun here) revealing he's a sex addict.  For the most part people in Georgia have treated him kindly (must be a southern thing), but someone was nice enough to fly a banner over the course for Tiger (a "re-affirmed' Buddhist) and the world to see. 

Kudos to you Mr. Banner man.

Tiger Woods, Plane Message