Voodoo Vegas win our battle of the new British bands

Voodoo Vegas: your No.1 choice
Being in a new rock band has never been more difficult. Record companies aren’t signing and, even if you CAN get a deal, the labels aren’t paying tour support – the money that used to pay for new bands to tour, build audiences and earn their stripes.
Radio isn’t interested. There a million bands on YouTube. It’s a right rum do.
At Classic Rock we don’t like this state of affairs, so we teamed up with our friends at Hobgoblin and Ninelives UK to find the UK’s best new rock acts. We collected them on to a free CD – Unleashed – 15 Of The Hottest New Bands In Britain – and asked you to vote for your faves via this website.
The results are finally in! Voodoo Vegas are the runaway winners with a colossal 1,144 votes – accounting for nearly 31% of total votes cast!
The Bournemouth band recently released their debut album The Rise of Jimmy Silver. Recorded with producer Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Queen, Tokyo Dragons etc), it was funded via a PledgeMusic.com campaign that saw Voodoo Vegas raise 344 per cent of their original target.
Equal parts high-octane hard rock and heartfelt blues sounds, the album introduces a new vocal talent in frontman Lawrence Case (whose Axl-esque range earned him an invite to join Gilby Clarke onstage during the ex-GN”R man’s last UK tour), while versatile six-stringers Meryl Hamilton and Nick Brown deliver duelling solos and tip-top acoustic slide sounds with equal ability.
The video for lead track King Without A Crown offers a taste of Voodoo Vegas’ explosive live show. The song was also the one featured on our Unleashed – 15 Of The Hottest New Bands In Britain CD. Check it out below.

The full results of our new British bands poll are as follows:
1. VOODOO VEGAS – King Without A Crown (30.88% of total votes)
2. DEAD SHED JOKERS – Magic Teatime (17.14%)
3. ULYSSES – Taxi Driver (6.64%)
4. PEARL HANDLED REVOLVER – Rattle Your Bones (6.59%)
5. THE GRAVELTONES – I Want Your Love (5.45%)
6. CHRIS BUCK – Trail Of Tears (4.59%)
7. ISOLATED ATOMS – Hold On (3.99%)
8. RUMHONEY – She’s So Fine (3.86%)
9. SONDURA – We’re Here Now (3.62%)
10. SILVER ARM – Man The Falcons (3.56%)
11. EUPHORIA AUDIO – Gravity (3.4%)
12. BROKEN CHORDS – Son Of A Gun (3%)
13. ELECTRIC RIVER – Hold Your Nerve (2.75%)
14. OWLS – Only Joking (2.35%)
15. PINT SIZED HEROES – Fever (2.19%)
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