Video premiere: Reckless Love – Night On Fire

Brother voodoo: Reckless Love frontman Olli Herman
Reckless Love’s brand new single Night On Fire is out on April 26 – here’s a first view of the accompanying voodoo-themed video.
The song is taken from the flamboyant Finns’ upcoming new album, which goes “from sleaze to cheese” according to guitarist Pepe.

Geoff Barton interviewed Pepe for latest issue of Classic Rock Presents AOR. Highlights follow:
What can we expect from the album? Any shift in your musical direction?
This album is fresh and exciting! I listen to the raw material and get really pumped up because the songs have a certain mystical energy to them. There are loads of different flavours and we flirt with all kinds of influences, old school and modern, but it all screams metal! From sleaze to cheese, you know – there’s even some good old thrash thrown into the mix! It’s guitar riff-driven yet song-oriented. I think we really got down to basics with this one, and the essence of Reckless Love is on display.
Any title for the album yet?
Nope. But there are some ideas that we’re contemplating…
Have you got any more song titles?
Yeah. We’ve got 15 of them! But not all 15 will make the final cut. There’s a thrash tune called Metal Ass, ha-ha-ha! Now that one will definitely make the cut!
Have any particular bands, songs or situations been inspiring you this time around?
The past few years have been really inspiring. To hear your song on the radio is always inspiring. The chaos of touring is inspiring. To play to a huge, enthusiastic crowd is inspiring and invigorating. To see our band grow is inspiring and motivating. I don’t think I could mention bands or songs because there are so many. Our heroes and idols remain the big 80s metal bands.
Having got your ‘difficult second album’ [Animal Attraction] out of the way, are you more relaxed this time around?
Yes. As I’ve said, this album feels really fresh. We were touring while we recorded Animal Attraction, and so it was a really hectic period in our career. That’s what made it difficult, although I think we did an almost inhumanly superb job and I love that album. This time around, we got to take a break from touring and concentrate solely on the new album, which was liberating.
When is the new album likely to be released?
Late summer, early autumn. First single before the summer!
Read the full interview in the latest issue of AOR magazine. Get your copy here!
Keep your eye on the band’s website for further details of their upcoming new album.