Video: Mojo Fury – The Difference Between

Mojo Fury have released a video for The Difference Between, the title track from their upcoming second album. View it below.
Classic Rock liked the Irish band’s previous outing Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus. And if you like their latest material, you can help bring it to the rest of the world.
Frontman Michael Mormecha explains: “Do you remember when you were a kid finishing a picture or making a model and you ran in to show it to your to your ma, da or friend?
“In my head I’m running towards the world holding Mojo Fury’s second album shouting, ‘Look what we made!’ Unfortunately the world can’t just stick it on the fridge door. There’s recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, marketing and touring involved – and that’s where we need your help.
Pledge Music is about interaction and involvement so we have come up with ideas that will hopefully interest you. Use your imagination, let us be your puppets and let’s have some fun together.”
Support Mojo Fury via their PledgeMusic campaign.