Toilet Etiquette

Wanted to pass along a few time honored "rules" of the bathroom...consider it a refresher course, if you need it. -dodger


Here's a rundown of some sins you must never commit when using a public restroom:

Urinal Talking:  There is no more inappropriate place to start a conversation with a stranger than at the urinal.

Spotting:  If you make a mess on the seat or rim, you must clean it.

Cell Talking:  Phone calls are never to be placed or taken. Not even the "I can't talk right now" call.

Foot Flushing:  If you are freaking out about the germs, show some class and touch the handle with a piece of toilet paper.

The Push n' Peek:  If the stall door crack isn't wide enough to reveal a person inside, you must bend down and perform a leg check. NEVER do a push-n'-peek. There is no need to risk the humiliation of barging in on an innocent man.

Shaving, Teeth Brushing, Zit-Popping:  If you have extensive grooming to take care of, consider using the ladies' room.