Stretching for the Finish Line

Here's a story from the LA Times that caught my eye:  HERE

olympic rings

Basically, the guy didn't realize that his "enhancing" drug had steroids in it and cost him 2 years of his career!

LaShawn Merritt of the United States poses with his gold medal

So you're an olympic train your butt off for 4 years for 2 weeks of the biggest competition in the world.  Oops, guess that was time wasted...all because this guy felt the need to "get bigger".  How big is your ego, you idiot!  You are a world class athlete...sure no one knows who you are, but I'm sure he's made a pretty good living for himself. 

Can this guy REALLY afford to take 2 years off from competition...NO!  You run, that's all you know how to do!  See you at the local Home Depot LaShawn...because you just killed your career...and all for "extending" your manhood.

Later rockers,