STP and Bennington confirm EP

Stone Temple Pilots will release a five-track EP in October, with Chester Bennington in place of fired vocalist Scott Weiland.
It’s called High Rise and will feature previously-released song Out Of Time, which the band used to announce Bennington’s involvement with the band.
The EP is billed as “Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington.”
Weiland and STP are embroiled in lawsuits against each other after the singer was dismissed in February, with his former bandmates saying his poor performances, lateness and addiction issues had damaged their career, and that he’d used their reputation to advance his solo plans. He recently said they’d have to buy him out of his share of the partnership if they wanted rid of him.
Linkin Park frontman Bennington – who’d always said he’d front STP one day – remains committed to his own band.