Stone Temple Pilots: ‘The wheels came off the band back in 1992′ – DeLeo

Words: Eric MacKinnon
Dean DeLeo says fractures in Stone Temple Pilots’ relationship with Scott Weiland began as early as the first album back in 1992.
The band’s guitarist was talking to Ultimate Guitar about why the band parted ways with their former frontman and brought in Chester Bennington.
He says: “I think everyone did whatever they could. I’m talking wives, brothers, friends and everyone.
“He absolutely was [a great singer and lyricist]. His lyrics were amazing. In my humble opinion and it’s easy for me to be biased. Everything he brought forth when we were all kind of running on all pistons per se – and that didn’t really last very long – but when we were up and runnin’, I don’t think there was anybody better, man.”
When pressed on how long the band were performing as a unit at full capacity he laughs: “Well, the first record went off without a hitch.”
Bennington joined STP from Linkin Park in a move which was unanimously agreed with the band.
He adds: “It really wasn’t talked about much. When we kinda came to the rude, rude reality that it couldn’t go on the way it was, there was no one talked about. We really weren’t in that place… One day I just said: “I think Chester is the person to do this.” Immediately Robert and I are going: ‘That is amazing.’”