Rock is too married, too satisfied

Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan thinks the rock scene has gone too middle class – and far from missing something, the genre has got too much everything.
HIs band will state their case for a return to a more basic, raw, live vibe when they hit the second stage at Download today at 4.15pm.
Buchanan tells Chicago Now: “I don’t think rock is missing anything. I would actually state the opposite: rock music possesses too much. Too many options. Too many tricks. Too much software and too much hardware. Over-medicated and out of shape.
“Rock music has become the used car people buy for the flawless paint and luxury interior – without looking under the hood.
“She was so hot when she was young and hungry, but now she’s too married and too satisfied. No more passionate quickies in restaurant bathrooms; it’s all been traded for scheduled sex on the weekends and a blowjob on your anniversary.”
It’s no surprise that Buchanan doesn’t feel the need to over-analyse what his band do. “If it works, it works like clickety-clack down the track,” he says. “I think it’s the friction of us trying to make it work that gives it whatever energy it has.
“Each one of us owns a sonic territory and if anyone is going to trespass it must be done respectfully. Understanding that is crucial to fitting together while maintaining autonomy in a collective.”
Rival Sons released their third album, Head Down, in 2012, and Classic Rock named it the second-best record of the year.