Real or Reality????

Ok, so like everyone else in the world I've been sucked into "reality" television.  It all started with the first season of The Real World on MTV and has continued to this day, nearly 15 years of "reality" crap.  Now don't get me wrong, I do have standards...No Jersey Shore, No Paris Hilton and No dating shows that don't involve Bret Michaels.

I've watched enough reality TV to know that most of it is scripted just as much as "normal" shows...which is why I'm torn about this season of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels.  This season there is tension in the Simmons home, Gene's live in "wife" Shannon Tweed is questioning whether she wants to continue her relationship with Gene (a self proclaimed man-whore).  My problem this real and are we seeing the end of a relationship or is it all an act.

Tweed writes on Twitter, "I don't fake my feeling!"  The show's producers add, "For you haters that say this is staged, you have no clue.  This is a real family going through real (crap)."

Of course, Simmons could not hold his tongue, saying, "Sometimes it takes stepping back and seeing yourself like this to see what missteps you might have made... I hate seeing her like this. [It] hurts twice as much when I am the reason."

Oh by the way, there is a new KISS album in the making and we all know Gene loves you decide if it's real or not...I'm just saying.