Quote of the Fest!

After spending a few days hangin' out with some great WABX rockers down at Shrinersfest, I was able to witness what I believe is the "Quote of the Fest".   I'll tell that story now.

SO, I standing by the WABX tent with our Promo Assistant Mark and a guy and his wife come up to chat and sign up for Holiday World tix...they also have their 6 year old daughter with them.  Real nice couple and a cute kid, Dad is looking over the WABX truck and checkin' it out (hell it's bad ass, of course he's checkin' it out).

When he notices the tailgate of the WABX truck and is trying to show it off to his daughter.  You'll recall it looks like this:


She is not easily impressed however, and with out missing a beat throws out the "Quote of the Fest",

"I see butts."

You know what, so do I... :)

Good times at the Shinersfest.

Take care.