Ozzy: I’m alive because of Sharon

Still standing: Ozzy at the Classic Rock Awards
Ozzy Osbourne is convinced he’s only still alive because his wife Sharon keeps him that way – but he admits there’s a downside to her strong character.
Last week he picked up three Classic Rock awards at our ninth annual gala event in London, telling the audience of invited guests: “I never thought I’d be standing here, what, 45 years later? It’s been an incredible year, after I spent all those earlier ones trying to kill myself.”
Later he told the Daily Express: “I’m alive because I’ve got a strong wife, I think. I didn’t expect to live past 30 – I remember when I was 21, saying I’d be dead by 40. hat was alright until I was 39 and a half.”
But he added: “I have to watch X Factor. I have no choice: my wife kicks me in the arse if I don’t watch it, every time.”
The prince of darkness admitted he’s no role model and he wouldn’t offer advice to young people hoping to make a career of rock’n'roll, proving his point by saying: “Drink more and take as much cocaine as you can – that’s what I would tell my younger self.”
Ozzy apologised to friends and fans in April after admitting he’d fallen off the wagon for an 18-month period. The relapse led to a temporary split with Sharon, who admitted she’d been “devastated” but insisted the couple would not divorce.