No Metallica album until 2015?

Lars Ulrich: “Well get around to it”
Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich admits fans are likely to wait until 2015 for the follow-up to 2008 album Death Magnetic.
Guitarist Kirk Hammett recently said he hoped the new record would appear next year – but Ulrich thinks it won’t happen for another two years.
He tells South Africa’s Channel 24: “It would surprise me if the next full-length record would come out before 2015. It takes us a while to make records, and we’re also so busy with so many other things. But we’ll get around to it eventually.”
The band have been concentrating on their upcoming 3D movie, Through The Never, which has been scheduled for release in Imax cinemas on September 27 in the US, followed by a general release on October 4.
Hammett recently said: “It’s kind of taking precedence over anything else at the moment. We want to make sure it gets our full attention.”
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Metallica’s last album work was Lulu, their almost universally slated collaboration with Lou Reed in 2011. Ulrich has defended the project on numerous occasions, saying the band reserve the right to experiment with their art.
The drummer believes the band have survived so long because they’ve learned to give and take. He says: “Metallica is the sum of all parts. You have to find a way to balance and compromise. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow, sometimes you dig your heels in, other times you let go. It takes time to figure that out.
“We used to yell at each other: ‘You made a mistake in song four!’ Now we sit and laugh: ‘Remember the mistake at song four – wasn’t that funny?’ That’s the difference between being 22 and taking it very seriously, and being 150 years old and having fun. We’ve figured out that, since they’re our own songs, we can’t theoretically make mistakes. We’re just altering them.”