The's Fantastic!!!!

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So you think you can make it in the NFL?  Hell, maybe you can! 

What makes the National Football League great are the stories and the players.  Sure you sit and watch your favorite team, but have you ever thought about testing your high school football skills on the big boys?  That's exactly what Todd Carter has done...and evidentally he can pull it off.

check out this story:,232798

Sure fantasy football is great, Sunday's with a 6 pack and the buddies is killer...but this is what I like most about the NFL.  This guy is sitting in a smoothie store shilling delicious frozen health thing you know he's on the same field with some of the greatest athletes in the world!

Ok, so his story won't be as big a deal as Kurt Warner (who use to bag groceries), but that shouldn't take away from his accomplishment.

In honor of Todd Carter, I will be strapping on the pads and hitting the weight room...with the dream of making it big on the gridiron...oh, hell who am I kidding!  Pass me another beer and get that NFL Ticket ordered...I'm already ready for some football!