Mustaine fears his “time is short”

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine is already writing a follow-up to new album Super Collider – after the death of Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman convinced him his time might be running out.
Super Collider was only released last month, but the band have already booked studio time to get to work on what will be their fifteenth studio album.
Mustaine tells 93X Radio: “We’re planning our next time to start demoing our next record.
“Time is short. Nobody knows how long they’re going to live. You see what happened with Jeff Hanneman – so I want to write as much as I can while I can.”
Meanwhile, Mustaine has confirmed he’s getting ready to jam Metallica track Metal Militia with Jason Newsted.
Although neither of them were in Metallica at the same time, it’ll be the first instance of the pair performing a song by their former band.
Mustaine had previously offered fans the option of picking between Ride The Lightning, The Call Of Ktulu, Metal Militia, Phantom Lord, Jump In The Fire and The Four Horsemen.
The performance will take place during the travelling Gigantour festival – but not until Newsted recovers from the walking pneumonia that’s sidelined him from the show’s Canadian dates this week.
Mustaine tweeted: “I hope you are feeling better @JasonCNewsted. We miss you and are ready to do #MetalMilitia when you get back @Gigantour2013.”