Music: Eve To Adam – Immortal

Massive new single from NY band’s form-finding fourth album
Their last video, for Straitjacket Supermodel (here) was some kinda sick pervfest involving ballgags, electrocution and axe murder. A HUUUUUGE rock song with a video that you couldn’t actually watch in case: a) yer boss sacked you on the spot, or b) your other half thought you had an unhealthy interest in serious cattle-prod action, and c) it turned out they did too.
Thank gawd then for new single Immortal, an equally MAAAAAASSSIVE slice of anthemic modern rock with a video featuring the NY band just, y’know, playing the song. If you like Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Nickleback and other such masters of the big chorus and the juddering riff, we think you’ll like it.