McKagan: People think GnR headlined

Early set: Classic GnR
Duff McKagan says Guns n’Roses’ 1988 Monsters of Rock set has become so celebrated that people forget the truth of it.
The band’s controversial Donington appearance saw two fans crushed to death as a result of the weather conditions.
But despite the tragedy, GnR’s show – which took place on the same day Iron Maiden played to a record-breaking crowd of 107,000 – ensured star status in the UK.
McKagan says: “What’s kind of lost is that people think Guns n’Roses headlined Donington. We played at noon.
“We were really low on the bill and we were just happy to be here.”
Since that day, the bassist has been back at Donington with Velvet Revolver, Loaded and latest band Walking Papers – but he insists one thing has never changed about his approach to his art.
“I’ve never played music to make money,” he says. “It’s always been about the connection. Guns n’Roses was about the connection.”