Maiden’s Dickinson was offered brewery job

Drink up: Brew-ce Dickinson
The makers of Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer were so impressed with Bruce Dickinson at the launch event that they offered him a job as a tour guide.
Robinsons have just confirmed the sale of the millionth pint of the cask ale, which was launched just two months ago.
The firm say in their Unicorn newsletter: “Trooper was officially launched on May 9 at Robinsons’ new visitor centre – a day that will certainly remembered, as the brewery experienced a product launch like no other.
“With a reception attended by over 100 influential brewing trade representatives, Bruce conducted a tour of the new brewhouse to explain the process of how Trooper ale is made.
“Robinsons were so impressed with Bruce’s tour they offered him a job as a brewery tour guide – if he ever gets tired of performing to millions of Maiden fans, flying airplanes, fencing and brewing beer, that is.”
Marketing boss David Bremner says the firm have been blown away by the Maiden effect. “Normally we design a brand and launch to customers at head-office level, and, if successful, this filters down through area managers, licensees and customers.
“With Trooper it’s the complete opposite: the fans are acting as our sales force and demanding the beer directly from pubs. They feed the message up through the supply chain: ‘Please can we have some beer?’
“It’s history in the making for Robinsons.”
Trooper is available on tap in Robinsons pubs, and by the bottle in Morrisons stores across the UK. It’s also available in the House of Commons after rock fan Mike Weatherley MP arranged for it to go on sale via the Strangers Bar.
He says: “As a Maiden fan and MP, it’s a real treat.”