Little Caesar warn: Watch your asses

Little Caesar frontman Ron Young has warned the Download crowd that if his band play as well as they have been on recent nights, they’re going to “rip the living asshole” out of the festival.
They’re enjoying a new lease of life with recent album American Dream, and on Friday night they completed a 12-date European tour. It all seems to have been leading to Donington.
Young recalls: “When I was kid, music was a personal saviour. I had a family with varied musical tastes that turned me on to the wail of Robert Plant, the moan of Etta James, the snotty snarl of Bon Scott.
“I had a deeply personal connection to them all – the feelings they evoked made me want to be a singer. My whole life was steered toward attempting to feel a similar connection to a listener that all that music made me feel.”
That attitude is still very much a part of his approach to music. “There is no greater sensation than when you are singing, emoting a feeling you feel in the core of your being, and seeing it reach out and move a listener,” he says.
“I have endured many agonies on that quest to continue to do it. It’s all been worth to get to feel what I felt last night. To see guys swinging their bodies around in aggressive postures; to see women gyrate around as if in naked abandon; to see subtle knowing smiles as someone is singing along relating to a lyric I wrote; all happening at once, motivates me to try and savour every second of that experience. I had that experience last night.
“If this band plays like it has the last few nights, we are going to rip the living asshole out of the Download Festival.”
See for yourself when Little Caesar play the Pepsi Max stage at 1.15pm.