Just Call Me Clark

Well I'm back from vacation and like EVERY other family vacation...this one kinda sucked.

What is it about my family vacations that guarentee something is going to go horribly wrong...if you're a betting person, bet on my next vacation going down the crapper in the first 2 hours.

I keep telling people we are like the Grizwolds traveling across the country. griswolds-june2010.jpg

This history of horrible road trips started with a trip to my brother in laws wedding about 5 years ago.  We managed to turn a simple 14 hour drive from Milwaukee to Richmond, Virginia into a 24 hour marathon, complete with a stop at the RNR Hall of Fame in Cleveland (closed at 7am) and a strange petting zoo in western PA (seriously, tigers and bears in PENNSYLVANIA).

Hell the last road trip we took my dogs managed to lock us OUT of the car and my mother in law needed a laptop tutorial WHILE I was driving.

So this most recent trip took us on an 11 hour journey to Baton Rouge, Lousiana...to see my brother in law(he seems to be a common thread in all these trips).  It started easily enough, brakes on the car (check)...dogs shots for boarding(check)...wife overpacking (you bet!).  So we head south and about the time we hit Hanson, KY the a/c starts to go out.  After stopping and debating turning back or moving forward, we continue on only to find out the a/c will come back to life if we re-start the car.  So now we stop every 30-45 minutes to re-start the car...loads of fun (but wait there's more)! 

About 9 hours into our 11 hour trip the steering wheel starts shaking drastically and car is pulling to the right hard.  I figure it's an alignment thing and luckily we make it to Baton Rouge...only to find out that my tires were put on incorrectly and a bubble formed in the tread that could have easily blown somewhere in the middle of Mississippi.

So 2 new tires (and 300 bucks) later...the vacation continues.  Have I mentioned it rains in Louisiana...not a nice shower but RAINS...FOR DAYS!  It literally rained everyday of our vacation.  Oh, throw in an ER trip for my daughter (high fever) and a late night trip back (left at 5p and got to Evansville at 4am) and you have makings for a "normal" Dodger family vacation.

Now don't get me wrong there were some pleasant moments like 12 pounds of fresh crawfish and a visit to see Mike the Tiger on the campus of LSU.  Also, fun at the beach in Pensacola and plenty of fun with the family.                                                                                                         

Will we do it again probably...hell, there's always a sequel, right????