Japan trip saved Aerosmith says Tyler

Steven Tyler says Aerosmith’s journey to Japan in 2011 was the saving of the band’s career.
The experience has been captured in documentary movie Rock For The Rising Sun, which will be shown in Vue Cinemas across the UK on July 16 ahead of a DVD release the following week.
They were still reeling from a series of fall-outs that saw the frontman hospitalised with a broken collarbone, his return to drinking and drug-taking, and his bandmates inviting other vocalists to take his place.
But he believes their Japanese trip, made soon after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of the nation, put Aerosmith back on the road to success.
Tyler tells Rolling Stone: “We’d just broken up for crazy fucking reasons, and I went away to get my head straight.
“We booked a tour and took it to Japan. It’s funny that it took that for the band to realise how important we are to each other, and how fucking good a band we are.
“We were all such a bad place that we didn’t realise our self-worth. It took going to Japan for the band to realise its own magic again. We thought, ‘Holy shit, we’ve got to do a fucking record right now!’ So that tour helped us to a new album.”
Meanwhile, Tyler has confirmed he’ll undergo knee surgery later this year.
“My knee is giving out,” he admits. “I had reconstructions, and in November I’m getting replacement surgery.
“It’s take about three or four months to recover. I’ve had so many operations on my knows and feet that just to be standing is a miracle. All these years have taken their toll on me.”