This Internet Thing Might Catch On...

Welcome...I have been slow to jump on board this whole internet thing.  Hey, I loved the 20th know, the Atari 2600, Rubik's Cube, and music on cassette complete with tape hiss! 

But it appears the internet is here to stay, so I shall now add to my little piece of the information superhighway.  Check back everyonce in a while for strange rambling thoughts on what's going on in the world.  It's a lot like my weekend show, but on the computer...and in words!

So let's get is post 1!

So Tiger Woods is playing in the Masters this weekend and for the most part people in Georgia have been relatively kind to the admitted sex addict.  Must be that southern hospitality...however, one guy thought it would be good idea to fly a banner over the course.  This banner made light of Tiger's recent "re-affirmation" to Buddhism.

Kudos to you Mr. Banner Man.

Tiger Woods, Plane Message
Talk to you guys next time...