Happy Twitterversary To Me

Over the weekend, I passed my one year anniversary on Twitter. I joined only because my good friend Robin suggested I do so. Her advice has saved my skin more than once, so I figured if she says it's a good thing, that's fine for me.

I came to realize that it was a good opportunity to talk about what was happening in the rock penthouse, and what we were doing on any given night. It was also a way to connect with listeners, the people who made it possibile for me to do this every night.

I've also learned that it's neat to come across people with common interests, and to get new opinions.

Most of all, I've learned that it's fun. If for no other reason, that's enough to make it worthwhile for me.

So, one year and 2,770 tweets later, what have I learned on Twitter? Pretty much the same things I learned in life. There are some great people out here who love to help you learn new things. There are also a lot of small people who feed on ridicule and intimidation. No big surprises there.

I was in seventh heaven after receiving personal tweets from Lita Ford and from Alice Cooper. I got nominated for a social media award; l didn't win, but still got a charge out of the whole thing.

Robin met the man of her dreams, got engaged, and shared the news (and endless photos of wedding gowns under consideration) by Twitter.

When my wife Roxanne died in September, I got a great amount of support and sympathy from people I knew only through tweets. It's impossibile not to be touched by that.

Twitter at its best brings people into a conversation, and allows a frank exchange of ideas. At worst, it's a spam parking lot. In time, you learn how to filter out the people who are only there to blow their own horn. I have to be careful about this myself, because while I mainly use Twitter to focus on what we do each night on WABX, I also know that people also want to know a little about the person sending the tweets.

If all I do is promote the station and my show, I lose a wonderful oportunity to share the joy of working at this very special radio station. I often say -- on the air and on line -- that I have the greatest job in the world. And I do. And for the past year, I've been able to do that through our 140-character pulpit.

Now for the shameless promotional part. Even if you're not on Twitter, you can still stop in and see what's going on an any given day not just with me, but with anyone who tweets. Although you'll have the opportunity to join, you don't get a dozen screens prompting you to sign up. All you have to do is add this link to your favorites and you can click it any time.

If you are on Twitter, I hope you'll follow me at @StevenWABX as well as the station at @1075WABX.

Have fun. that's the whole point.