Happy Follow Friday on Twitter

Happy Follow Friday to Twitter users. Fridays on Twitter are known as Follow Friday, when we pass along recommendations of cool people to follow. Seems my FF tweets increase each week, so I decided to put them all in one list and reduce the clutter. 

First, as I've taken the title of resident Twitter whore of the rock penthouse, I hope you are following me, and following WABX, too.   I'm compiling my giant FF list for anyone who pays attention to my opinion (scary thought). If I didn't include you, and you want to be in the mix, let me know. Naturally, you won't follow everyone, but it's there for you to look over.

This is big list. Most important, the people here on Hill (the home of South Central Media for decades.) Some are WABX listeners who use social media to communicate with the station; others are people with whom I've interacted. They enjoy and respond to social media.

Twitter is about the conversation, and about what's happening right now. Find information and people who love the things which interest you.

By the way, one of the great things about Twitter is that you don't have to join in order to read the posts. You won't get screen after screen demanding you become a member.


Follow me at @StevenWABX

Let's start with the tweeps here at South Central Media/Evansville, Home Of The Hits, Where Your Advertising Dollar Buys More. Okay, actually that's WKRP in Cincinnati, but really, if you've ever spent much time up here, it it that easy to tell the diference? @1075WABX   @DodgerRadio @viqwithaq @NightsWithAlice (Cooper)   @RealRustyJames  @MarkElliottWIKY  @WIKYDebraMiller   @theatomsmasher  @BourbonBlog (Tom Fischer)@radioshawnda @SuperClaire_  @104fmWIKY @935TheWolf @Hot96Evansville  

SCM Alumni Division: @GregApplebee  @JayMichaels  @LoriMaeK105 @Figgylicious @BryanOnKiss

@EvansvilleWatch for up to the minute E'ville info

@hollykdunn @hollyshouse for her courage and for her tremendous contribution to victims. Read her story: here

WABX listeners are the best. @Klumpmeister gets quoted by Alice Cooper...WTG! @Gerbalaya  @ColtsGirlK  @tcwest70  @spencerind

Evansville, like many communities, is working through its social media growing pains. Cheers to those leading the way.

First the the Social Media Club of Evansville, @smcEVV and several Evansville Social Media wizards @TimPiazza @DanaMNelson  @MaryBiever  @DaveMHuffman@SeanMWray @planningforever

Indiana Social Media Wizards @AmyStark  @wilkersonrick  @edeckers  @kathysipple  @prebynski  @rickyleepotts   @kyleplacy  @slaughterdev   @indydina

@PulseonMusic keeps abreast of music news that doesn't always make the mainstream media.  @Hali_McGrath takes great photographs of many rock starts and other celbs.

And several media friends who engage in the conversation. @Jeff14News  @Chad14News  @BrandonBartlett  @cousinmark @NEWS25rparmley   @RyanReynolds  @fox7cameraman  @sfortuneWTVW @JulieDolanWTVW @NEWS25sdimmich  @Byron14News  @Laurenfox7WTVW  @NEWS25dkupish

Thanks. Interact. Coverse. Enjoy. Rock.