Deep Purple: ‘When you inhale could you do it with more pathos?’

Deep Purple have released a clip from the bonus DVD to be packaged with deluxe versions of upcoming album Now What?! View it below.
In the near five-minute video the band discuss how producer Bob Ezrin‘s attention to detail brought out the best in them, with frontman Ian Gillan claiming he was asked: “When you inhale, could you do it with more pathos?”
Keyboardist Don Airey says: “He’s got a great idea of how music should resolve. It’s something musicians never think about. He sees that you want to give people a bit of closure. He’s great for that – he made us think, ‘What’s the point of this bit?’ We’d close it down or throw it out.”
Now What?! is released on April 29. Classic Rock has announced a limited-edition hardback issue celebrating Purple’s career.