Chicks with Balls!!!

What is it about soccer (and World Cup soccer) that reels me in hook line and sinker.  I think I started watching World Cup soccer in 1996...I was in college then and had a lot of time to waste in the middle of the day watching a random game featuring say Argentina and the Czech Republic.  I also had time to kill at night cruising the University of Tennessee strip scoping babes and pounding down dollar beers, but that is a story for another day.

So what started in 1996, continues to this day...I watched Alexi Lalas in 1996, was glued to the TV in 1999 to see Brandi Chastain rip off her shirt (hot chicks, another reason to love soccer), 2000 for the men to disappoint (again), the recent thrills of a Landon Donovan goal and most recently Sunday morning as these women put on a clinic.


I know soccer is hard for many to watch, but after sitting through 122 minutes of a back and forth must win game you certainly respect the talents of these women playing the "beautiful" game.

USA celebrate Alex Kreiger's winning penalty against Brazil

Congrats to the team on a huge win and playing the game the "right" way...and I know at least one person that will be pulling for the USA against France in the Semifinals.