Byford: I’m not evil.. just sick

Saxon frontman Biff Byford managed to look evil in the video for their recent track Sacrifice because he was ill during the shoot.
But he enjoyed the experience, and he’s revealed how the band hired a professional crew without having to pay them.
Byford – who’s recovering well after sustaining a back injury that forced them to cancel a festival appearance this month –tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “I filmed it with an actor-director friend of mine who’s a big fan. I party with him quite a bit, and I asked him to shoot our video, so he did it with his film crew. The stunt guy had worked on Harry Potter and the pyro guy had worked on a James Bond film.
“There was a huge crew and it was a lot of fun – they just did it for some booze and to hang out with the band.”
Bassist Nibbs’ performance in the promo is notable, Byford says. “He was positively drunk – he was a bit out of his box so he just went for it and we just let him go. It was cool.
“I was really ill those two days of we shot. I had a really raging temperature, so I look a bit more evil as well.”
Saxon are riding high with positive reviews of Sacrifice, for which they recorded new versions of classic tracks Crusader and Just Let Me Rock.
Byford says: “The original version of Just Let Me Rock was during a really weird time for the band. The MTV era changed everything and I think things were a bit lighter then. The new version proves it’s still a cool song. The original sounded like some kind of groovy rock song, and this is much more to the point. The orchestration on Crusader is pretty interesting – I think we may do that with Dallas 1pm as well.”
Sacrifice, Saxon’s 20th studio album, was released in March.