The 'Busa is coming together!

Some of you may remember the turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa build from last year. I took it to a race in Texas and went 200.917 mph on it. It was a huge rush. With the help of about a billion people and local companies, I am going to try to go faster this fall. Last time the bike had 287 hp, this time I'm shooting for about 450 hp. I'd like to reach 225 mph in a standing mile. I'll keep you guys updated as the project approaches fruition. Cool?

For the gearheads out there:

Engine: standard bore/stroke 2007 Hayabusa with Wossner turbo pistons and rods, APE stud kit, Schnitz 65 pound valve springs, S2000 injectors (primary), RC 440cc injectors (secondary), 034motorsport supplementary fuel controller, Cometic gaskets, MPS billet oil pan, SAE Outlaw Performance billet clutch cover, MCXpress plenum with air-to-water intercooler, MCXpress header, Innovative GT dual ball bearing turbo. Engine assembly by Velocity Racing.

Transmission: backcut gears by Fast By Gast, APE billet output shaft, Falicon pressure plate, MTC billet inner clutch hub, MTC billet clutch basket, EK ZZZ 530 chain, Vortex sprockets, MPS air shifter.

Chassis: Lowered 4 inches in back and 2 in front, 8 inch extended swing arm, Tiger tail, lightened.