Bringin' it LIVE all Summer!

So the Summer concert season is about to crank up and it looks like a GREAT one!  Some summers go by and we're stuck with nothing good to do, except to ride the Voyage about 700 times at Holiday World.  (Give it up for free Pepsi and sunscreen)

However this summer is chock full of shows that will be well worth the ticket and travel.


Let's start with one of the most anticipated shows of the summer...Aerosmith/Cheap Trick there is still no date for Indiana, but I'm sure it will come.  This tour should be a good one.  While Aerosmith will be supporting a new album, CheapTrick will be doing what they do best...putting on a killer live set.



The other big package deal is KISS/Motley Crue and if you've never seen either of these bands...BUY A DAMN TICKET!  While neither one of these bands will ever be confused with Bach (no not Sebastian), Beethoven or Mozart...they will put on one hell of a rock show.


There is no one more entertaining in concert than KISS.  Love them or hate them...the "show" is amazing and Motley Crue ain't half bad either.  Both bands are playing full one hour sets so no one will be short changed.  Hopefully, Tommy Lee's roller coaster drum kit makes a reappearence!


If it's the 80s you like than you won't want to miss these two bills.  Def Leppard/Poison/Lita Ford and Journey/Loverboy/Pat Benatar.  Both shows bring together some of the biggest artists of the decade.  Just sit in the front row and watch the ladies swoon over Bret Michaels and Joe Elliott or just sit back and watch the craziness that is Neal Schon now days.


Maybe the show that I am most looking forward to is RUSH...a road trip to Indy will be complete with classics like Tom Sawyer, Freewill, Spirit of Radio...and if we are extremely lucky, Neil Peart will grace us with this fine lip sweater!


Here's hoping there are even more big announcements the rock and remember, these guys/gals won't be around forever so get out and see them while you can.

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