Axes You Wish You Had!

So here's a wishlist of guitars for you...Guitar World Magazine recently put out a list of Top 10 "Guitars You Wish You Owned".

Here's what topped the list!

Stevie Ray Vaughn Number One Fender StratocasterStevie Ray Vaughan's battered Fender Number One Stratocaster!!!!

Others on the list:

Jimmy Page's double neck Gibson SG

                                                                                 Jimmy Page

Rick Nielsen's Hamer five-neck

1998 Cheap Trick Rick Nielsen Hamer 5 Neck Guitar Photo Print Ad (24756)

Eric Clapton's Blackie Strat

                                                                                                eric guitar

Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat

Ace Frehely's smoking Les Paul


Dimebag Darrell's ML Dean

Dimebag Darrell and his Dean ML, courtesy of

Brian May's homemade Red Special  

Peter Frampton's custom three-pickup Les Paul


Jimi Hendrix's 1968 Stratocaster

Jimi Hendrix and his Fender Statocaster