Airbourne: We rushed second album

Never again: O’Keeffe with Airbourne
Airbourne frontman Joel O’Keeffe admits the band cut corners while they were making second album No Guts No Glory.
But they made sure they didn’t make the same mistake with new record Black Dog Barking.
Ahead of their Download second stage set at 6.15pm today, O’Keeffe tells KROCK105.7: “We might have rushed a few things here and there, because we had two world tours back to back up against each other.
“We recorded the music just in the middle of all that. We even had some shows between recording.
“This time, we spaced it out. We worked with producer Brian Howes – he loves the same kind of music that we do like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest and Elvis.
“He always wanted to make a rock’n'roll record but he never got the chance to. When we worked with him it was very comfortable. We got to do this right.”
O’Keeffe – who recently revealed he couldn’t play his own songs in Guitar Hero – says of their new album title: “When we started, the music scene had a lot of new stuff going on. When we’d play shows, people would be like, ‘What do you need all of those amps for?’ We were like, ‘This is rock’n'roll.’
“They played this fucking indie shit or whatever the fuck it is. Our mindset was: ‘Fuck you and your indie shit.’ The venues started closing down because of noise pollution. We weren’t going to let rock’n'roll die, though.
“That’s what ‘Black Dog Barking’ is about: it’s a call to arms. If you’re with us, you’re on our side – if you’re not, we’re coming for you.”
Airbourne’s third record was released last month. The band will play Hard Rock Hell 7 in Wales in December.