Aerosmith/Guns N Roses

It dawned on me the other day as I was on the air that Aerosmith and Guns N Roses come from 2 different eras, yet seem to be very similar.





I tossed it out on Twitter and got a couple of odd responses...people didn't seem to feel the same way.  I'm clearly ok with people having a differing opinion than mine, but I still feel that my point is valid and I'll explain why.

Aerosmith formed in the early 70s in Boston, Massachusetts and are rooted in the blues.  Guns N Roses were formed in the mid 80s in Los Angeles and are rooted in the blues. The blues background is only the start of the comparison.  While the blues has influenced both of these bands, it's also influenced almost every other band throughout history.  So lets expand our comparison.

Lets turn to the frontmen.  Steven Tyler slithers around the stage with a mic stand that is wrapped in scarves. His vocals scream from the rafters. Tyler in his prime was able to hit high notes that most lead vocalists could only dream about and his random scatting gave him a signature sound.  As for Axl Rose, you could say he has a similar style to Tylers.  Guns have often noted that Aerosmith was an influence on the band and it shows.

A virtuso guitarist also exists in both bands.  Joe Perry has also contributed to the band by co-writing much of Aerosmith's material.  While Slash isn't known for his writing, he is a memorable lead guitarist that is recognized by his top hat and low slung guitar.  Their styles may not be the same, but you could almost invision Perry and Slash swapping places and fitting in seemlessly.

Both bands feature underrated bassists that contribute strongly to the back beat of the band.  Tom Hamilton even co-wrote "Sweet Emotion" with Tyler.  McKagan's strong backing vocals helped add to the sound of the band.

While I was thinking about writing this I took a listen to GNR Lies and realized that the song "Move to the City" was essentially an Aerosmith song.  Put Aerosmith in the studio with this song and you have a song straight off of an early 'smith album.

The bands have shared the stage, played each others songs and in Aerosmith's case...have been listed as an influence by the other.  The interesting thing about the comparison is despite all the similarities many Aerosmith fans dislike GNR.  So take it for what it is...two rock bands that are the same in many ways and different in many others, oh and the fact that they both copied the Stones. Haha.