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Losing a friend.

Linda was the receptionist for South Central Communications for the past 30 years. We lost her over the weekend. In the short time I've been with WABX, we became good friends. She always brought in fresh flowers from her garden that were spectacular. She and I talked several times a day, mostly as long songs played on the air. We discussed everything from where to take my girlfriend when she visited on the weekends to her incredibly cute dog, Smarty Jones. Linda, we will all miss you dearly. Thank you for the smiles and the beautiful memories!

Memorial Day Weekend

I spoke with my 75 year old father yesterday. I was doing some morning errands before coming in to the Rock Penthouse. He was driving my mom and my grandmother (the big 90!) to the cemetery to place flowers on graves in recognition of Memorial Day.

Even back when Francis Scott Key penned the Star Spangled Banner, honoring our soldiers was important. The next time you stop to listen to it, remember that the last line is actually a question...

"Oh say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

Bret Michaels has MORE (BIG!!) health issues!!!

Just one day after appearing on Oprah, Bret Michaels has once again found himself lying in a hospital bed after he suffered a warning stroke (TIA, or Transient Ischemic Attack) and doctors found a hole in his heart. This statement was released on Bret's website today:

HOT is coming!

Weather dudes and dudettes who are keenly aware of such things are saying we could see 90 degrees this Sunday. My GF and I are planning a ride. We always wear our safety gear, so it will probably be a bit toasty! Still, it won't be as bad as asphalt on the epidermis and cranium. Hope to see you out riding!

Ronnie James Dio RIP

The reports are just starting to come in: Ronnie James Dio passed away this morning. He had been battling stomach cancer. What a terrible loss for the music industry. I miss him already...

1ST Bike Night of 2010 at Show-Me's EAST was awesome!

If you missed it, YOU MISSED IT! There was everything from stunt shows to dollar beer! The lot was full of every kind of bike you could imagine. There was a suh-weet modified Night Rod, about half a dozen slammed and stretched Hayabusas, a Can-Am Spyder a Thoroughbred Stallion (Ford 4 cylinder and cool!), sport bikes of every brand/type/color, Triumphs, Buells, Victorys, Harleys of every type you can was a cool time. Thanks to everyone who came by. Remember, it happens EVERY MONDAY NIGHT ALL SUMMER!   

Blessing of the Bikes this Sunday at the Locks and Dam!!

I hope you can make it to the 22nd annual Blessing of the Bikes this Sunday at the Newburgh Locks and Dam (6877 State Road 66, Newburgh)! Registration begins at 10 a.m. $15 includes ride, food and games. CMA will be blessing bikes as they arrive. It's a dangerous hobby and we can use all the blessings we can get! See ya there! 

Holy crap biscuit!

I have no idea what the title of this blog entry means. It just hit me as the proper thing to say at the time. Dang.


Please keep Bret Michaels, his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

He had a massive hemorrhage at the base of his brain earlier today and is in ICU as I write this. Doctors will be keeping him under extremely close supervision for the next few days.

Spring cleaning!

Man, what a weekend! I rode the bike a lot. I also cleaned the garage. While that may seem mundane and even crappy, it wasn't! I never get time to do that kind of stuff! I found all kinds of cool stuff in there! lol

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