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"Stairway" Voted Top Song By British Listeners

British radio listeners voted "Stairway To Heaven" as their favorite classic rock song of all time, one of three Led Zeppelin songs in the top ten. What song would you have included that they didn't? Free Bird? Walk This Way? Enter Sandman? Back In Black? Layla? or what?

It's Been Ten Years. Have I Gotten It Right Yet?

I beg your indulgence, as I pause for reflection, and self-serving promotion.

Ten years ago today, I became part of the South Central family. From the moment I walked in the lobby and met Linda, the nicest person on the Hill, I felt at home. And when Cindy Miller, the Goddess of Rock, took my hand and led me up to the rock penthouse, I began one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Happy Twitterversary To Me

Over the weekend, I passed my one year anniversary on Twitter. I joined only because my good friend Robin suggested I do so. Her advice has saved my skin more than once, so I figured if she says it's a good thing, that's fine for me.

I came to realize that it was a good opportunity to talk about what was happening in the rock penthouse, and what we were doing on any given night. It was also a way to connect with listeners, the people who made it possibile for me to do this every night.

Classic Rock And The Eternal Rock

With Easter Week upon us, let's take a look at some rock penthouse favorites in a different light. The eternal light of the love of Christ.

Music is the most precise form of communication, the closest thing we have to a perfect way of transferring and experiencing emotion. Since long before the Psalms, music and worship have been side by side. 

He Said What? Silly Announcements Heard By Subway Commuters

There's Party Music, Then There's After The Party Music

"Mean and strong like liquor.
Mean and strong like fear.
Strong like the people from South Alabama
Mean like the people from here.
Take it from me
We ain't never gonna change"

Lazy Friday, so I stole some stuff from other sites on the web

One of my favorite Twitter sites is The Fake AP Stylebook. For those non-journalism types, the AP Stylebook contains the official Associated Press guidelines for writers to use to maintain consistency in grammar and syntax. It tells you things like the difference between the proper uses of "farther" and "further,"  when "Senator" should be capitalized and when it should  be lower case; things like that.

Valentine's Day: If your heart doesn't get broken, it's not really high school

Valentine's Day. Ninth Grade. Jenny. Smart, confident, reasonably popular, and quite sexy in that post-puberty pre-sag freshman jail bait sort of way. Best of all, she was MY girlfriend. Bet you can guess where we're headed. Oh, true love...


The Ack Attack Returns For LOST's Final Season

  • Airline Employee #2: Give me that microphone you little – Oceanic Passenger Jack Shephard, please report to the Baggage Area immediately.
Party Time! The Ack Attack returns for LOST: The Final Season.

WTF is John Mayer thinking? And Is He Thinking With His...(CAUTION: Mature content)

WARNING; R-rated content. If you're not old enough to be reading Playboy, don't read this post. Seriously.

It's hard not to be fascinated by an interview that includes the question

"If you didn't know you, would you think you're a douche bag?"

Grammy-winning singer John Mayer has given a pretty gritty interview to Playboy in which he talks about many things, including Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, his love of porn, his d**k, and why he doesn't date black women.

What? Back up there. His what?

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