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Happy Tax Day!

Sure you spent the last few weeks digging through your tax forms and now your ready to claw your eyes out.'s one more reason to burn out your retinas...

R&B singer Mary J. Blige has decided to cover a couple of Led Zeppelin tracks.

Up Against The Wall

According to Roger Waters...and I think he's a credible source...he'll take to the road this fall for 36 dates and playing The Wall in it's entirety!

Here's a link to the video story...

3 Words That Will Get You Busted


Here's a friendly reminder from the Rock Penthouse...if you're gonna break the law (which we don't recommend), you may want to be a bit more discreet.

Here's a link to the story...sure she was ACTUALLY busted for prescription meds, but it made us laugh anyway.



The's Fantastic!!!!

NFL Logo link to home page

So you think you can make it in the NFL?  Hell, maybe you can! 

What makes the National Football League great are the stories and the players.  Sure you sit and watch your favorite team, but have you ever thought about testing your high school football skills on the big boys?  That's exactly what Todd Carter has done...and evidentally he can pull it off.

This Internet Thing Might Catch On...

Welcome...I have been slow to jump on board this whole internet thing.  Hey, I loved the 20th know, the Atari 2600, Rubik's Cube, and music on cassette complete with tape hiss! 

Welcome...I Think This Internet Thing Might Catch On.

As much as I have tried to avoid moving into the 21st me I love my Atari 2600, Rubiks Cube, and music with just a hint of tape hiss...I have now jumped on the blog bandwagon.

Sure, my blog will ramble on with little point...but then again, so does my weekend show her on WABX.  Just kidding.  So check back from time to time for my strange look at how the world turns and you can also check me out on twitter at @dodgerradio.

Just to get us started I pass this piece of info along for you today.

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