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No Call List Deadline

Hey Gang, mentioned this on the show today.  If you're looking to get on the no call list for telemarketers to get off your back and stop buggin' you...the deets are below:

Tuesday is the latest deadline for people to register on Indiana's do not call list to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls.

The state Attorney General's office that administers the list says the deadline is 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

Hullabaloo...Hulla Bye-Bye

Just saw this on line...sad news coming out of Louisville and it doesn't involve Rick Pitino or any horses.  But it does involve a cool rock weekend being cancelled.


Axes You Wish You Had!

So here's a wishlist of guitars for you...Guitar World Magazine recently put out a list of Top 10 "Guitars You Wish You Owned".

Here's what topped the list!

Stevie Ray Vaughn Number One Fender StratocasterStevie Ray Vaughan's battered Fender Number One Stratocaster!!!!

Others on the list:

Jimmy Page's double neck Gibson SG

Which one of THESE Guys are YOU???

So we're past the half way point in the baseball season and the playoff races are heating up!  That may lead you to have the desire to head off to the ballpark and catch some MLB action in person.

Before you make that treck to Busch, Wrigley, whatever they call that place in Cincy or just to Bosse Field...think about what type of fan YOU are.

Just In Time for School!

Nevermind that school dress code!  Be a rebel and sport the newest in dead rocker gear...check it out!

You could be the envy of all of your friends when you show up with your new Jimi Hendrix inspired Converse All Stars!

Top 10 American Cars!!!

We all know Sean Roberts is the resident car guy here at WABX, but I found this article and thought I would share.

Here's a list of the Top 10 American cars of All Time, according to

I won't begin to give my opinion, since I don't drive a cool car...or even an American car for that matter! 

Number 10

Ford Thunderbird (1955-'97, 2002-'05)

World Cup Fever...I've caught it!!!'s been a while since I last posted a blog, so I welcome myself back with a world wide celebration of sport!!!


Dogs vs. Wives

See full size image

So some guys have decided to choose a dog over a wife.  I get this...marriage is hard, but having a dog is mostly pretty easy.  You feed them, water them, and they love you unconditionally.

May the 4th Be With You!

View Image      So admit it...we ALL have a little bit of Star Wars geek in us.

Stretching for the Finish Line

Here's a story from the LA Times that caught my eye:  HERE

olympic rings

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