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New Sabbath Sounds AWESOME!!!

The new Black Sabbath album is due in store in June.  Entitled 13, it feature 3 of the 4 original members (Bill Ward did not participate due to contract issues.)

The band recently released the artwork for the album and included a snippet of new material.


Hear the new song clip here:

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts!!!

A number of classic rock artists are starting to roll out their concert schedules!


Here's an early look at who will be coming to our neck of the woods:


Kid Rock – Evansville (Ford Center) April 1


Beer, Sweet Rock N Roll Beer!!!

First it was AC/DC with this glorious lager.




Now Iron Maiden is getting into the mix.  The band is getting set to release Trooper beer and YES, Eddie is on the label!


Aerosmith/Guns N Roses

It dawned on me the other day as I was on the air that Aerosmith and Guns N Roses come from 2 different eras, yet seem to be very similar.





I tossed it out on Twitter and got a couple of odd responses...people didn't seem to feel the same way.  I'm clearly ok with people having a differing opinion than mine, but I still feel that my point is valid and I'll explain why.

Aerosmith formed in the early 70s in Boston, Massachusetts and are rooted

10 Years Later...

The date was February 3rd, 2003 and I was still relatively new to town. I was on my way up 1st Avenue for the first time in search of Oxygen Nightclub.  The place at the time was a trendy "oxygen bar" with a mechanical bull.

Gone way too thoughts on Kurt Cobain

I know that Kurt Cobain is a bit of a touchy subject for some of you guys.

Why Won't You DIE Hard!!!!!!

So another movie series keeps going.  Like a cockroach that won't die Rocky, Rambo, Fast and the Furious just won't go away!  No the Die Hard series continues...evidentally there are actually people that want to see more of Bruce Willis running around like a tough guy (the film raked in $40 million on its opening weekend).

Bringin' it LIVE all Summer!

So the Summer concert season is about to crank up and it looks like a GREAT one!  Some summers go by and we're stuck with nothing good to do, except to ride the Voyage about 700 times at Holiday World.  (Give it up for free Pepsi and sunscreen)

However this summer is chock full of shows that will be well worth the ticket and travel.


Let's start with one of the most anticipated shows of the summer...Aerosmith/Cheap Trick there is still no date for Indiana, but I'm sure it will come.  This tour should be a good one.  While Aerosmith will be s

How About a Swap

Saw this story and had to pass it along.  Looks like I'll have another reality show addiction.  Celebrity Wife Swap is coming to a TV near's a story from CNN that tells us at least 2 couples that will participate.  This should be GREAT!

Just Call Me Clark

Well I'm back from vacation and like EVERY other family vacation...this one kinda sucked.

What is it about my family vacations that guarentee something is going to go horribly wrong...if you're a betting person, bet on my next vacation going down the crapper in the first 2 hours.

I keep telling people we are like the Grizwolds traveling across the country. <IMG style="MARGIN: 0px 0px 20px 20px; FLOAT: right" class=mt-image-right alt=griswolds-june2010.jpg src="

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