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Normally I'm anti-selfie, butt...

Most of the time, I'm against the selfie.  The art of taking a self portrait with you cell phone.

However, when you're actress Sophie Vergara I say...selfie away!!!!

Well done, Ms. Vergara.


Time to go back to "Colllege"?

Looks like the workers at this years College World Series attended one to many frat party and missed a few too many actual classes.







He Fought Authority...

and authority kicked his ass!  John Mellencamp got into a scrape with his son...looks like his son won.

Nice shiner, John!!!!!


John Mellencamp

Another Racing Loss

Saddened by the passing of Jason Leffler, the NASCAR driver died after an accident at a dirt track in New Jersey.  Leffler was 37.




Here's JOHNNY!!!!

Sunday marks Johnny Depp's birthday...this one's for you ladies!


Depp was born in Owensboro! Starred in the original Nightmare on Elm Street film and is an avid musician even playing with Keith and the Stones!!!!


5 Things About Birthday Boy Johnny Depp

YESSSS! One Thousand Times, YES!!!!

If you've ever been around a little league field you can appreciate this sign.  It was posted at a field in Chicago.




These signs are now on display at Buffalo Gap fields to warn parents — Buffalo Gap Parks Department

Greg Kihn Had a Song...She Has THIS!

Best break up letter EVER!!!!



Wedding Crasher!

John Travolta crashed a couples wedding and there are some great pics to go along!


                                  This Is What Happens When John Travolta Crashes Your Wedding


Judging by this picture Travolta is a fan of the "thumbs up" photo move.



Seriously, c'mon teachers of the world!

When I was in school teachers had their "pets" their having sex with their PETS!!!!

Stephanie Mikles was arrested earlier this year when child-advocacy officers searched her home and allegedly found photos and videos of her in the act.


This "teacher" in Maryland was recently arrested for beastiality after some nasty footage of her having "relations" with the family dog emerged.

Man of Steel = AWESOME!!!!

I'm not the biggest fan of the Superman franchise.  I'm admittedly more a fan of Batman.  I like the darker side that Batman brings, Superman has always been too glamorous...too perfect. 

That appears to be changing. Just look at this pic of the new Superman.



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