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Lindsay's List of Love

Lindsay Lohan's list of sexual conquests has leaked out to InTouch magazine...I've learned 2 things from it. 1) I'm not on it and 2) She has superb penmanship!!!


Reptile on Reptile Violence

It's like a scene from a bad Sci-Fi channel movie...Python vs. Crocodile...and the python wins.  Crazy pics.


Snake finishes off crocodile, Lake Moondarra, March 2, 2014


Good-by Egon

People have put together a touching tribute to actor/director Harold Ramis at Ghostbuster HQ in NYC.

Ramis played the role of Dr. Egon in the classic 80s franchise.







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D'oh, I stepped on Bart!!!

Looks like televisions favorite animated family is now in Lego form.


The product is out just in time to celebrate The Simpsons 25th year on tv and it will run about $199 for the iconic house and characters...OUCH, now that's a lot of d'oh!!!


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Peppers "Un-Plugged"???

So the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars rocked the Super Bowl halftime show.  It was the most watched SB Halftime ever with 115 million viewers.

Too bad RHCP bassist Flea chose to take the night off...c'mon Flea at least plug in and fake it! Haha.


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Yep, It Looks GREAT!

It started off as a fun idea...get a Super Bowl tickets. 

"Oh, I have to shave my head also...and if I "win" I get to sit in freezing tempertatures for 7 hours...uhm, what's second prize???"

High Quality H2O


Pranksters put out a phony ad saying that with the new operating system your phone would magically become waterproof.

People actually believed this AND THEN STUCK THEIR PHONES UNDERWATER!!!!


Don't believe everything you see on-line...well, except this post of course.





Cards with the Crue???

So if you're heading to Las Vegas for the Motley Crue residency, get ready to play the cards with Motley!


The tables at the Hard Rock Casino have a new look.


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Gene and the Boys Are At It Again

Looks like the boys in the KISS marketing department are at it again. (i.e. Gene Simmons)

If you're in Italy you can grab a bag of KISS Hello Kitty chips. Kids everywhere rejoice!


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Nirvana "In Utero" re-issue

20 years ago Nirvana released their 3rd and final album.

"In Utero" featured the hits "All Apolgies" and "Heart Shaped Box", along with fan favorites "Dumb", "Pennyroyal Tea" and "Rape Me'.

The album entered the Billboard 200 charts at #1 and received critical acclaim for departing from the bands sound on their debut album "Nevermind". 

Look for the re-mastered in a 20th Anniversary set, available September 24th.  The re-release will feature rare, remixed and unreleased material from the band, along with a concert DVD from a 1993 show in the band's hometown

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